Fleet Management

GPS Tracking Technology

As leaders in the power sweeping industry we were the first in our region to implement a fleet-tracking GPS system for street sweepers. Since the nature of our profession requires our workforce to operate away from our headquarters, it’s important for us to have 24/7 access to vehicle and driver status and information. These GPS systems have allowed us to optimize our routes and provide clear job performance verification for all of our customers.

This software helps us provide:

  • Customizable GPS data analysis
  • Improve job costing for competitive and accurate bidding
  • Track quality and completion through real-time data
  • Metrics for exactly where drivers have been and how fast they were working
  • Visual reporting for clear sweeping and vacuum target areas

GPS technology is jumping to the next level in business applications for field-oriented service fleets like ours. How does it work? The GPS technology captures real-time data for every scheduled job, including valuable data on how and when work has been completed. This allows us to operate efficiently and optimize our processes to give accurate job estimates and track driver performance. With a fleet of sweepers and vacuum trucks in the field, safety is a high priority. With a high standard enforced by our tracking technology, our operators pay close attention to their work and scheduled routes.

With comprehensive data capture we can also tell when the sweepers themselves are switched on or off, informing us how long the job took to complete. We’re even able to tell whether a driver was in their seat or providing hand work outside of the vehicle. While our sweepers and vacuum trucks can pick up a lot of debris, larger pieces can jam the machinery and must be collected by hand for disposal. GPS technology offers our company and yours peace-of-mind by putting safety, accountability, and quality at the front of the line.


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